Welcome, we are WebArchivists! A French not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009.

Imagined in 2006, this project started from the observation of this fragile yet powerful tool named Internet. As a young mid-twenties team, we were almost born with Internet, or at least we grew up with it. Thus explaining the fact that we all started to be very concerned by the sustainability of the information and the contents published on Internet. Most of the websites we were using when we were young disappeared in less than 10 years… We decided that we had to do something and we founded WebArchivists, without really knowing where it would lead us.

At that time, we had a lot of ideas: P2P-web-archives system using unused FTP-space, self social-networks backup software, browser extensions to archive the site you’re visiting… Because we worked part time on the organization and since we weren’t software engineers, it was quite challenging to develop those projects. Anyway, all the conception work and some user interface design are done…

But we wanted to give new horizons to WebArchivists.

What we do the best is to communicate around the Web Archives subject, and to invite people from different backgrounds to meet and exchange together. And we are convinced that the more we share our ideas, the more we meet different people, the best the archives will be. We think that the average Internet user needs to hear about web archives, we need to raise global interest about this subject. As the number of people concerned will grow stronger, the projects will multiply and we will all move forward, faster. That’s why we are here, that’s why we re-launched our website in 2012 in a more news-portal-oriented design.

We want you, the professionals of web-archiving, record-management, you the politicians involved in digital matters, you the net-artists, you the developers and you, the hackers, you the content makers, you the journalists, to meet together and share, to stay informed about web-archives, to help us think the Internet of tomorrow, and the day after-tomorrow!

We are WebArchivists and you can be one too. Welcome.

Baptiste Fluzin

Baptiste co-founded WA with Hans. They met in 2006 when he was student at Gobelins school, in Paris. At that time, Baptiste was already thinking about a collaborative web-archiving project. He moved to Czech Republic where he worked for a while at Euro RSCG 4D. Today, he's back in Paris, working as an Art Director at FCINQ. He feels concerned about the the future of web-archives as a graphic designer and as a citizen. He wants to be involved into this one of a kind moment. WebArchivists has also been the occasion to meet the one who would later become his spouse :)

Hans Lemuet

Hans is a web developer and cofounder of WebArchivists. He graduated in Digital Design & Production at Gobelins, Paris, while working as a web developer at, and then moved to Warsaw. In 2012, he cofounded Etamin Studio, a web and mobile creative studio based in the center of France. He's particularly interested in the technical and legal challenges related to web archiving, as well as the societal impact of preserving the web.

Denis Hovart

Denis joined WebArchivists in 2009, while working at Upian with Hans. He is presently pursuing computer science studies at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and working as a freelance developper in Paris. A self-taught programmer, he finds extremely enriching to get involved in the matter of web archiving and its many aspects and is proud to contribute to the preservation of what have become for a lot of us an invaluable resource.

Chloé Martin

Chloé joined WebArchivists in 2009, while studying digital communication and library science at Paris 8. She later graduated in competitive intelligence and knowledge management at SKEMA business school. Along with her studies, she served in the army as a reservist, she also worked part time in the Rennes Métropole library and the National French Library (BnF). Chloé is now working as digital media analyst at Digimind.

Camille Paloque-Berges

Camille is a young researcher who joined WebArchivists in early 2012. After getting her PHD in Information and Communication Sciences and teaching digital networks culture and media theory among other things, she is now currently holding a post-doctoral position at LabEx Hastec/Dicen (CNAM, Paris). Her work involves researching Internet history with an emphasis on finding, preserving and analyzing native digital archives (and she needs help : who has kept French speaking mailing-lists archives from 20 years ago ?). She was in Nasty Nets surfing club and wrote a book about the poetics of computer code. She is interested in Internet heritage and memory, digital archeology and more importantly in cats, like everyone serious on the Web.