Is your website archive-ready?

This article has been contributed by Vangelis Banos, software engineer, researcher and Phd candidate at AUTH, Greece.

One of the key challenges of web archiving is the acquisition of content from target websites. If a website is not copied with completeness and accuracy, the rest of archiving process is rendered useless. The problem is that modern websites tend to become more sophisticated and complex, imposing difficulties to web archives which try to preserve them.

One of the common issues of web archive operators is that they need to check all newly acquired content and discard those which were not archived correctly.
This task is tedious and requires much manual effort. As a result, many websites are not archived correctly or may not be archived at all.

To resolve this issue, we created, a web application which evaluates the core aspects of a website crucial in diagnosing whether it has the potentiality to be archived with completeness and accuracy. Using, web professionals are able to evaluate if their websites are ready to be archived using an easy but thorough tool. Moreover, web archive operators can evaluate target websites before archiving in order to avoid spending time and computing resources on invalid harvests.

Finally, the goal of is to establish practical methods to improve web archiving while also raising awareness of the challenges to web archiving among a broader audience.

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